his Week:

UNIT TEST for SAT Vocabulary Terms


1. Vocabulary.com (spend a minimum of 20 minutes here for review for UNIT TEST #1) QUALIFER to retake

1st hour code 16p9ewz 3rd hour code 4fmz28d 5th hour code d2ft9

PSAT #5 Mid- Point Unit (100 words) Vocabulary Unit Test Thursday October 6

2. How do I get to... Quizlet to study terms?

  1. Quizlet.com
  2. Search at top Find norsemom
  3. Sometimes easier to go to “Most recent”
  4. IF you want to print you must create an account :)

How do I get to Eli Review for writing assignments?

EliReview.com class codes First Hour: lyrics572fines

Third Hour: lyceum807trade

Fifth Hour: lids409pulsar

Book Presentations: Thursday, October 13th (Biographies) Free reading time first 20 minutes on Monday, Tuesday and on Fridays 20-35 minutes after quizzes if caught up on all work for the week.

Time in class Wednesday October 12 to prepare for presentations.

Book Presentations: Biographies Grade 9 presentations/book shares
Name: Date: Hour:
15 Visual aid: (Pictures in Power Point) Not the cover of the book!
quality and meaningful
10 Author & Title & Author’s style
20 Understanding of the person’s character/values/belief’s
20 Life’s journey / challenges / time period
20 Read one favorite or significant passage (approximately 5 paragraphs) with explanation/reasoning
15 Theme or lesson learned (Why) / How you connected with experiences the person had...
Must be 3-5 minutes in length -11 points if under 3 minutes
Keep this rubric & hand to teacher for scoring

See student samples: Biography

Student Choice Free Reading

Vocabulary English 9A

Vocabulary.com and then Quizlet is available too... :)

quizzes on Fridays 20 Words each week / first focus is the SAT Terms=

October 6= first SAT UNIT Terms Test

November 10= second SAT UNIT Terms TEST

Vocabulary Literary Terms: Please go to Quizlet and use "norsemom" to login in :)

A Norse parent volunteered entering all the vocabulary. Students can study with online flash cards, play games and take a practice test.

Unit Test December 9 for sections 1 & 2 on Quizlet

Short Stories: Getting Started Reading TARGET for understanding author's style :)

Check this out to reinforce your understanding of irony!!

On Being Seventeen Bright and Unable to Read, The Necklace and The Most Dangerous Game TARGET: I can identify author's style, such as use of mystery and surprise as well asskill in character development.

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Cornell Note Taking

WEEK 1 Safety procedures, syllabus, classroom culture activities, Assign All About Me

WEEK 2 All About Me bag assignment: Presentations
Pretesting for grammar and reading
WEEK 3 The Most Dangerous Game Monday night read to end of page 45 for start of class Tuesday
Eli Review: The Necklace assignments
TUESDAY: SAT Writing assignment: hand written in class
Finish reading The Most Dangerous Game for HW
Vocabulary Quizzes Returned & Personal Pronoun charts (RETAKES ON FRIDAY IF NOT 100% on CHARTS)




Agenda week 5


Agenda week 6


Agenda week 7


agenda week 8

WEEK 9 Oct 31- Nov 4

WEEK 10 Nov 7-11 UNIT VOCABULARY TEST #2 Lessons 6-10 Thursday November 10

Rough Draft of Odysseus essay due on Monday and FINAL COPY due THURSDAY

Agenda Week 10

WEEK 11 Nov 14-18 BOOK SHARE Google slide presentation November 16 for a grade

Rough Draft of Odysseus essay due on Monday and FINAL COPY due THURSDAY

Agenda week 11 Next week school for students only Monday and Tuesday

WEEKS 10,11, 12 November 21-25 HAPPY THANKSGIVING

WEEK 13 November 28- December 2


WEEK 14 December 5-9

WEEK 15 December 12-16



directions for writing assignment due Sunday by 11:59pm :) Late after this time!!!! No excuses)

ture yourself there, coming soon the Shakespearean experience!


Complete Reading the rest of The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet independently: We will watch scenes of the movie for review, discussion and preparation of your exam.

EXAM ESSAY PROMPTS DUE December 8 & 9, 2014 The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

EXAM ENGLISH 9A Essay options for The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

Due December 8
  • 1. Light, in its various forms recurs throughout the play. How does light mirror the action? How does Shakespeare’s use of light analogies and metaphors develop and describe the characters and the changes they undergo?

  • 2. The prologue describes Romeo and Juliet as “A pair of star-crossed lovers.” Examine the way Shakespeare uses cosmic images in the play to emphasize the connection between Romeo and Juliet and their tragic deaths.

  • 3. Write an essay that demonstrates your understanding of Romeo’s character; include how he is a tragic hero. Be certain to develop a clear thesis to guide your paper and develop your argument.

Romeo and Juliet Project Due December 10, 2014 for Presentations

Writing assignment for Biography of Shakespeare see Thursday on Week 6


1. Essay turned in BOTH on ELI REVIEW and HARD COPY December 8 & 9

2. Pronoun testing for exam Tuesday December 16

3. Multiple choice testing on Vocabulary and Literary TErms on Exam day as designated by class hour

Older Agenda Notes last year... may be helpful..
Weeks One and Two
onflicts external/ internal see here...
Introduce Quizlet for vocabulary/ Short Stories
Week 3 & Week 4
Information for accessing EliReview is on this Power Point scroll down for Week 4 notes/agendas
Week 5 September 29-Oct 3 2014
Begin The Odyssey /Cornell Note Taking
The Odyssey assign Letter in a Bottle due Oct 5 Sunday Night: (Ready to be uploaded in class to Eli Review on MOnday)
Week 5 Agenda and Notes
Week 6 Vocabulary 6 Quiz Friday ~ Vocabulary lessons 1-6 UNIT TEST Monday Oct 13th 2014
ttp://quizlet.com/subject/Norsemom/ STUDY HERE for UNIT Vocabulary TEST!!
Week 7
Week 7 Agendas
Week 8
Week 8 notes Agenda
Week 9 Poetry basic elements & poetry share/ introduction to Romeo and Juliet pre-reading activities/ editing skills/ pronouns & person
Week 10
Notes from A & E Biography video on Shakespeare in class 25/25 points: more note taking from text book pages 982-989 and writing due Monday
Please see agenda and notes here
Week 11 Act I & Act II Act III Improved Final Shakespeare essay due Wednesday REMINDER STUDY VOCABULARY WITH QUIZLET!!!
Assign Project for Romeo and Juliet Due November
Project time provided with other curriculum...
Week 12 & Week 13 Romeo and Juliet & Act IV & Act V
WEEK 14 Quotes here for R & J
Book Presentations ??? & Vocabulary Unit Test 2------ November ---
HAPPY THANKSGIVING 1/2 day Wednesday, November 27
Week 14 Complete any book presentations not presented: Romeo and Juliet project due
Week 15 EXAM WEEK December ? EXAMS RUN -----?
Getting Grammar Practice
Study Skills & Strategies